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Xena is a complete business and technical platform that enables semiconductor companies and semiconductor IP companies to efficiently manage and distribute their valuable IP assets and efficiently support their users.

Built on technology proven by IPextreme in running its global IP business for over seven years, Xena is designed to take advantage of the economic efficiencies of the cloud and scale with your business as it grows.

Is Xena Right for You?

Semiconductor and systems companies that design chips can benefit from Xena to catalog and store IP developed for internal use and make it visible and accessible across the entire company. In addition, externally purchased IP can be deposited into Xena and access controlled to internal design teams to ensure against accidental usage.

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IP companies that develop IP products for licensing to semiconductor companies can benefit from having a scalable, professional infrastructure for managing their entire IP business, including lead capture capabilities from your own searchable IP catalog through either email or direct integration with Salesforce.com®.

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Xena provides a broad range of distinct capabilities for the IP User and IP Provider as shown in the figure below.

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IP Users come in two varieties: guest and authorized. Guest users can sign up for an account from the Xena home screen. Guest users can search the catalog and request more information on the IP listed there. Authorized users are those who have been granted access to use specific IP products available on Xena.

Guest users can:

  • Search for IP
  • Browse IP datasheets and other information that the IP provider has made available to guest users
  • Request more information from the IP provider

Authorized users have all the privileges of guest users. In addition, authorized users can:

  • Access any product to which the IP provider has given them access
  • Configure products to their needs through a GUI (digital IP)
  • Specify any timing (digital IP) through a GUI
  • Generate necessary EDA scripts for their selected tool flows, including all the major FPGA flows
  • Securely download the IP package to their desktop
  • Communicate with the IP provider’s support team through an integrated ticketing system tied to the IP that has been licensed

IP Providers or Creators can use Xena to manage the company's IP catalog, products, customers, and support:

  • Catalog management enables provider companies to create public and private catalogs.
  • Lead management enables provider companies to capture leads when users request information about items in the public catalog.
  • Product management provides a common platform for managing products and publishing releases.
  • Packaging features provide the necessary metadata to enable Xena's configuration and script generation utilities for soft IP products.
  • Licensing features enable you to create accounts for your customers, allowing only users whom you authorize to download and use your products.
  • Support features include a ticketing system, a news publisher, secure file sharing, and a notification system for any product issues or errata.
  • Reporting features enable you to track and report data such as ticket status, support usage, license expiration.

Xena Products

Xena is free for all IP Users accessing a Xena site. IP Providers can choose to purchase Xena from two distinct business models, Xena Cloud and Xena Enterprise.

Xena Cloud

Xena Cloud is intended for companies who wish to run their business in the cloud and leave the IT management to us. Pricing starts at $200 for each provider company user per month, with tiered pricing discounts starting at 5 users. Customers can add/subtract users as needed. It’s the perfect solution for a small IP company that wants a professional class infrastructure that can grow with your business.

Xena Enterprise

Xena Enterprise is intended for companies who want to host their Xena installation on their company’s own servers. Sold as an annual subscription, the company can have an unlimited number of provider company users to the IP Provider functions.

For more information, including pricing and instructions for purchasing your Xena license, please contact

Have a Look!

IPextreme uses Xena every day in the operation of its IP business. To see for yourself what Xena is all about, sign up for a guest account at https://constellations.xena-cloud.com today!