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Join IPextreme and our partners for an upcoming webinar or access one of the valuable On Demand Sessions.

The Next Generation in Test and Debug Solution - cJTAG - IEEE 1149.7

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Abstract: cJTAG – IEEE 1149.7 is the first semiconductor IP solution to implement the new IEEE 1149.7 test and debug standard. The IP core was developed by Texas Instruments and packaged, distributed and supported by IPextreme. IEEE 1149.7 does not change or replace IEEE 1149.1. Instead, it offers a scalable set of extensions to the IEEE 1149.1. Some of the advantages of the new IEEE 1149.7 standard are that it requires fewer pins, adds power management and powerful new debug features while maintaining full compatibility with existing IEEE 1149.1 based hardware and software.

This webinar which will feature Stephen Lau (Texas Instruments), Pierre Thomas (IPextreme) and Rick Tomihiro (IPextreme), will cover the new IEEE 1149.7 standard and the robust set of features available in the cJTAG – IEEE 1149.7 IP core. Join us as we discuss how the cJTAG – IEEE1149.7 IP core can be utilized in your next chip design.

Dream It, Design It, Build It - Integrating Power Architecture e200 Cores

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The e200 family of cores are fully synthesizable and implement Power ISA 2.03, making them code compatible with a huge installed base. They leverage standard technologies, such as the AMBA® bus, making them easy to integrate with other technologies.  Freescale has shipped over one million zero-defect 32-bit MCUs built on these Power Architecture™ e200 cores

This session will discuss how to efficiently integrate e200 cores into embedded applications, including valuable tips and techniques from experienced SoC engineers and software developers.  A description of the logical interfaces will highlight the various types of bus cycles that are seen on the system bus. Considerations on how to create a memory subsystem for various applications and performance goals will be discussed for the four cores offered in the e200 family.


Freescale/IPextreme V2 ColdFire IP Now Available: Maximizing the Benefits from SOC Integration of the Popular Core

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As the fully modernized descendent of the Motorola 68k family, ColdFire strikes an industry leading price/performance balance and has a massive installed base in many consumer and industrial applications. For the first time ColdFire processor cores and a platform of useful peripherals are available as IP through IPextreme for SOC integration.

This webinar will discuss architectural and implementation considerations to increase the benefit of integration. Valuable tips and techniques from experienced SOC engineers and software developers will also be highlighted. Join David Cote and Blagoja Golubovski, senior design engineers from Freescale and IPextreme, for this event.


Freescale/IPextreme FlexRay IP Webinar

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FlexRay will be the next widely implemented vehicle network standard. It delivers 10 times more throughput than CAN and the reliability and deterministic behavior required by safety critical applications such as brake-by-wire. Freescale is the leading supplier of automotive semiconductors and, as one of the founders of the FlexRay Consortium, was the first company to ship FlexRay standard parts. The FlexRay controller design proven in those chips is available now as IP through IPextreme.

This seminar will show how the FlexRay solutions from Freescale and IPextreme will enable ASIC and SOC developers to add FlexRay faster and with less risk.

For additional information please contact us at info@ip-extreme.com