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Constellations is a collective of like-minded semiconductor IP companies collaborating at both the marketing and engineering levels to develop and promote advanced IP solutions. Companies participating in Constellations offer complementary products, creating a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor IP from which customers can develop complete SoC solutions.

Constellations companies use the Constellations Semiconductor IP Center to list, distribute, and support their products. To view the complete Constellations portfolio, sign in as a guest user at https://constellations.xena-cloud.com. As a guest user, you can browse and search product listings, request more information about products, and recommend products to colleagues.

For more information about Constellations or to submit a request for an IP that is not currently available in Constellations, send email to info@ip-extreme.com.

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Adapt-IP is an industry leader in employing system-level design and verification methods to develop complex, robust and standards-compliant IP for ASIC and FPGA silicon. Standard product offerings include USB SuperSpeed and HighSpeed (USB3.0 and USB2.0) host, embedded host and device controllers, as well as video compression and decompression cores.

Atrenta’s SpyGlass® Predictive Analysis software platform significantly improves design efficiency for the world’s leading semiconductor and consumer electronics companies. Patented solutions provide early design insight into the demanding performance, power and area requirements of the complex system on chips (SoCs) fueling today’s consumer electronics revolution. More than two hundred companies and thousands of design engineers worldwide rely on SpyGlass to reduce risk and cost before traditional EDA tools are deployed. SpyGlass functions like an interactive guidance system for design engineers and managers, finding the fastest and least expensive path to implementation for complex SoCs.

Certus Semiconductor is a cooperative corporation, joining efforts of several of the worlds leading ESD and IO designers, to bring to the semiconductor IP market a novel support and service model in the area of ESD and IO design. Along with the standard silicon proven ESD and IO libraries in several technologies and foundries, Certus also offers the world’s first “IO template” libraries, as well as low cost, quick turn around and simulation proven custom ESD and IO libraries; using unique device models based on silicon proven designs that offer high confidence of first silicon passing ESD standards. Certus also offers the worlds best ESD strategies/devices for RF and III-V semiconductor products.

IPextreme licenses "famous IP" (intellectual property) and methodologies developed by large semiconductor companies to chip designers worldwide.These production-proven IP products serve both broad horizontal markets and specific verticals such as consumer and automotive. With a decade of experience in developing, packaging, licensing and supporting IP, customers and partners can count on IPextreme expertise.

Sonics, Inc. is a pioneer of network-on-chip (NoC) technology and is the world’s #1 supplier of on-chip communications IP for advanced SoC designs. Sonics offers SoC designers the largest portfolio of intelligent, on-chip communications solutions for mobile devices, digital entertainment, wireless and home networking. With a broad array of silicon-proven IP, Sonics helps designers eliminate memory bottlenecks associated with complex, high-speed SoC design, streamline and unify data flows, and solve persistent network challenges on-chip.

Since 1996, Sonics has delivered production-proven IP to leading semiconductor suppliers and OEMs around the world, and today has more than 110 patent properties. Sonics’ customers have shipped more than one billion units worldwide.

Recore Systems is a fabless semiconductor company that develops advanced DSP platform ICs and licenses reconfigurable semiconductor IP. The company specializes in reconfigurable multi-core designs that can instantly adapt to new situations and combine flexibility, high performance, low power, and low cost. Scalability of the technology allows its use in lean consumer as well as in demanding professional applications. Typical application areas are broadcasting, wireless communications, multimedia, and digital beamforming.

Ridgetop Group, Inc. is the world leader in providing advanced electronic prognostics and health management (PHM) solutions, semiconductor IP blocks, and built-in self-test (BIST) solutions for critical applications. Ridgetop Group has a proven library of IP cores and board-level solutions for optimized integrated subsystems and systems.

Ridgetop Group is foundry-agnostic and will select a technology best suited to the customer’s specific requirements. Founded in 2000 with the purpose of introducing revolutionary tools to improve performance of mission-critical electronic systems, Ridgetop has built an impressive list of customers in North America, Europe, and Asia.