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IP Title   Use Price* Royalty** Quantity buy
Microprocessors (Encrypted)
V1 ColdFire Processor $10,000.00 $0.02
V1 ColdFire Processor for Altera Cyclone III $0.00 none
HCS08 Processor $10,000.00 $0.01
AMBA Peripherals (Source)
I2C $5,000.00 none
Advanced Audio Interface $5,000.00 none
CAN Controller $10,000.00 none
General Purpose IO Controller $5,000.00 none
I2S Audio Interface $5,000.00 none
MICROWIRE/SPI Interface $5,000.00 none
Multi-Function Timer $7,000.00 none
Real Time Clock $7,000.00 none
Timer and Watchdog $5,000.00 none
USART $5,000.00 none
Smart Card Interface $5,000.00 none
Versatile Timer Unit $7,000.00 none

*Price per instantiation. **Royalty per unit manufactured.

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