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About IPextreme

For nearly a decade, IPextreme has been pushing the extremes of the semiconductor industry with continuous innovation in both intellectual property (IP) business and technical practices, changing the way the world thinks about semiconductor IP. Design reuse is not only our business—it’s our passion. We concentrate our efforts into these three complimentary focus areas:

IP Licensing

Working hard as a trusted partner to the largest semiconductor companies in the world, IPextreme has changed the way the industry thinks about semiconductor IP licensing. Using our proprietary process, the “IPextreme Machine” extracts high-value, silicon-proven IP in production at our semiconductor partner companies and then licenses it to other companies around the world. By doing so, we enable our partners to maximize the value of their captive IP assets and achieve strategic objectives. As a result, it provides our customers with a broad selection of low-risk, high-value IP with world-class technical support.

IP Management

We developed our proprietary Xena™ technology as a complete, scalable business and technical platform for managing nearly every aspect of semiconductor IP within a corporation. For semiconductor companies, Xena offers a host of features for managing and tracking internal and external IP with supply management features for insuring contractual compliance. For IP companies, Xena offers a complete shrink-wrapped platform for running an IP company, including integrated release and distribution capabilities, as well as customer support. Just add IP, and you have a Fortune 500 class infrastructure for your company, no matter its size.

IP Industry Leadership

We believe a healthy semiconductor industry is best served by an IP ecosystem comprised of many companies, large and small. To facilitate that, we have created Constellations™, a collective of independent, like-minded IP companies and industry partners that collaborate at both the marketing and engineering level for mutual benefit—and, more importantly, for the benefit of their customers.

For more on our company background, see the Company Overview Video.