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FlexRay Communication Controller from Freescale fully complies with FlexRay Communication System Protocol Specification, Version 2.1 Rev. A and is the first FlexRay controller designed into a production automobile (BMW X5). The FlexRay Communication Controller has a rich ecosystem, including support from all leading FlexRay software providers and a starter kit is available for evaluation and prototyping to enable rapid software development.

MultiCAN Controller from Infineon is the premier, modern implementation of the widely used Controller Area Network (CAN). The MultiCAN Controller is proven in millions of production automobiles, certified, and supports 1–6 nodes with both TTCAN and gateway modes.

CAN Controller from National Semiconductor provides Controller Area Network (CAN) functionality compliant with the CAN Specification Revision 2.0 Part B and has been production proven in millions of automobiles.

Tricore™Microprocessor and DSP from Infineon is the first MCU-DSP architecture that truly unifies the best of three worlds — real-time control, DSPs, and the price/performance of RISC.  The TriCore Microprocessor was specifically designed to meet the needs of the automobile industry and has been proven in millions of production automobiles.

MLI Multiprocessor Link Interface from Infineon is a fast serial interface for inter-processor communications. It enables heterogeneous parallel processing through just a few pins.
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MSC Micro Second Channel from Infineon is a high-speed serial interface optimized to control power modules such as electric motors, fuel injectors, and ignition coils, while minimizing pin count and system cost. Register to download MSC specification